"Isabelle uses the natural light in her photography to get the picture just right - her portfolio of work is superb. She is very professional, gets the job done and is such a pleasure to work with."

Nina Philipps, Twickenham, UK

"We have tried many photographers to take family photos and pictures of our children in the past until we met Isabelle. Working with children to take wonderful photos only works if you're a natural with kids and adore working with little people.  Isabelle can put a huge gorgeous  smile on the faces of those most stubborn and unwilling to cooperate little gems of ours. She's full of inspiration, unique ideas and so brilliant at capturing that perfect shot that you'll cherish for ever,  I can't recommend her more!"


Sophie Worth, Pimlico, UK

'Isabelle is a hugely talented and creative photographer.   Her gift is to see what many of us don’t.  The beautiful detail of a back-lit flower, a golden autumn scene or even the poetic beauty of a pair of well-worn slippers!   When it comes to portraits, her great natural warmth and sense of humour help to create the perfect candid moment.   I cannot recommend her enough!'


Dominique Jabbour, Toronto, CA






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