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I was given my first camera at the age of 11 and have always loved capturing happy moments and milestones of our lives.  


I started my career in France, in Communications, organising team-building events, photo shoots & movies for a fashion company (Kiabi).  


My overriding ambition to discover the world initially took me to Canada where I spent a great six months in Montreal.   After this, I moved to London which, in between different work assignments, became my base for my global trotting adventures which took me as far as the United States, South Africa, Thailand and as near as North Africa, Eastern Europe or Scandinavia.  Throughout my travels, my camera was never far away.  


By 1993, I was settled in London and working for the Walt Disney Company. Within my 14 years career, I had a variety of roles including responsibility for the international Newsletter, producing online videos and designing and promoting the use of knowledge management systems. All this before starting a family and bringing up my beautiful daughters.

After qualifying with The British Academy of Photography, my work has focused on capturing special moments and emotions. 
I have got 4 years experience making memories of events such as birthday parties, wedding anniversary celebrations, family occasions, communities events and business gatherings.

I offer a personalised service, that considers your preferences and budget.
I also volunteer my photography services, through the Remember my Baby Charity, to help the healing process of parents losing their babies.